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Cambodian visitors to our school, Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

April 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Next Tuesday two young Cambodian men, Chamroeun and Sovann, will be visiting our school for the day.  Both are weekend employees at Open Book, one of our Cambodian Global Concerns, which has sponsored them to come to Singapore for a week of professional development, which includes visiting a few international school libraries.

They are available to speak to any classes about Cambodia in general, literacy and reading in Cambodia, and/or the history and politics of Cambodia, e.g., during the week Chamroeun works with the French organization  Avocats sans Frontieres (Lawyers without Frontiers) on the Khmer Rouge trials, while Sovann is from Preah Vihar, where the fighting with Thailand is happening.

They will be based in the library and are willing to tell some Cambodian stories to those classes visiting for borrowing.  They will also be spending time with Kalimah and Ernie, learning how we manage our book collection.

Open Book (Au Livre Ouvert in the original French –if you go to the page,  just ask Google to translate the page for you), is the project of Catherine Cousins who runs an open library (Reading Room) for children on Street 240 in Phnom Penh.  The charity also publishes children’s books in Khmer, French, and English (e.g., Frederick Lipp’s books) which our Grade 3 students are selling at the Family Breakfasts and other school events — and in the library.

Below is a photo of Margot in Open Book over Chinese New Year, picking up books for our Global Concerns projects.

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Book Week: March 14-18, 2011

February 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Yes, the next-to-last week of term — March 14-18 – is Book Week.

I need a committee of teachers to help me generate ideas and activities for grades to use in planning their week.

If you’re interested, please drop me an email (  My goal will be to have a meeting within the week.

Here’s the page of ideas/activities from last year:  Book Week Ideas

For you new teachers, what you need to know is:

  • there is usually an overall theme to the week, e.g., last year’s was “Reading Opens Doors”.  See these photos of how classrooms decorated their doors last year.
  • There is usually a Book Character Dress-Up Day on the Friday — with a whole school assembly.  (Tampines could easily do it on a different day.)  See these photos from last year’s dress-up day.
  • Each grade comes up with their own activities – you can all do different things – NB: there is no budget available apart from your regular budgets.
  • In the past the library has worked with daily themes, e.g., Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day, Nonfiction Day, etc., which classes are welcome to join in with or not.
  • Book Week coincides with the voting period for the Red Dot Book Awards (ballots close on Wed, March 16th) — which I will be heavily promoting (watch for more info)….
  • Author visits are definitely possible.  See this list of local authors & illustrators, many of whom are inexpensive and/or free (e.g., how much do you think Ben Morley will charge us?)
  • Skype visits with authors are also possible.  I have already arranged with Frederick Lipp for him to do Skype visits with us that week (watch for more info).
  • eBooks / iPods / iPads — I will definitely be looking to incorporate digital texts as part of Book Week.

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United Nations Day – Resources

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Thanks, DGo, for prompting me to update my own list of resources good for UN Day.

First of all, here are some Resource Lists of books in our library — and a selection of picture books (suitable for read-alouds) will be available this morning in a basket on Kalimah’s side-desk counter in AMK — and a similar basket will be given to Kathryn (KMc) in Tampines.

Second, here is a list of web links related to UN Day — collected via Diigo, the social bookmarking site.  (All the links that Deb initially sent me are included, plus others.)

The links are roughly organized into the following sections:  Videos, Things for kids to do, Children around the world, World stats/maps, and United Nations info.

Check out the World stats/maps section for videos showing the “If the world were a village….” — and if you want to see numbers flashing with up-to-the-second stats on population, births, deaths, etc., go to WorldOMeters.

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November 11: Remembrance Day

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Roxanne came in this morning and reminded me that today is Remembrance Day — the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month — when World War I ended.

Here is a resource list of books in the library on World War I.  Kalimah has pulled all the ones still available off the shelf and has them in a basket next to her desk.  Please feel free to come in and borrow them for a period or two.

I particularly recommend the story of the famous poem (NB: Roxanne has this book out, but will share it if you ask:

Here’s a moving song and dance rendition of that poem (Grade 5, perfect for your current unit):

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October 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes, we have lots of books relating to Halloween – plus plenty of ghost stories and generally scary stuff.

See this Resource List in library catalog:  Halloween

(If you don’t see your favorite book here, leave me a recommendation in a Comment.)

Plus this related video book – perfect for playing on the IWB:

*BookFlix is one of the two video book subscriptions we have – along with TumbleBooks – both available from the library catalog homepage.  If the sites don’t automatically log you in, you need to use the login/password information which you can find under Resources & Information on the Staff-East page on the school website.  Remember: both these sites can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have the login/password information.

Alternatively, you can play the game “Pumpkin Remover” (this week only) with the kids on your IWB.  (And if you’ve never played “Red Remover“, you’re in for a treat.  A compulsive game that makes you think….)

NB: Tampines staff

I’m sending these four picture books over with Ernie tomorrow, checked out to Kathryn, for you to share.

This is a totally comforting story of a girl who finds ghosts in her house, so she washes them in the washing machine and then makes them useful around the house.  Beautiful orange, black, and white images

A Halloween version of “The Big Turnip” — how can they pull up the big pumpkin to make pumpkin pie?

A cumulative story full of noises — be sure to read ahead of time so you can act out accordingly.

A Halloween version of “The House That Jack Built”


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