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Book Week: March 14-18, 2011

Yes, the next-to-last week of term — March 14-18 – is Book Week.

I need a committee of teachers to help me generate ideas and activities for grades to use in planning their week.

If you’re interested, please drop me an email (kda@uwcsea.edu.sg).  My goal will be to have a meeting within the week.

Here’s the page of ideas/activities from last year:  Book Week Ideas

For you new teachers, what you need to know is:

  • there is usually an overall theme to the week, e.g., last year’s was “Reading Opens Doors”.  See these photos of how classrooms decorated their doors last year.
  • There is usually a Book Character Dress-Up Day on the Friday — with a whole school assembly.  (Tampines could easily do it on a different day.)  See these photos from last year’s dress-up day.
  • Each grade comes up with their own activities – you can all do different things – NB: there is no budget available apart from your regular budgets.
  • In the past the library has worked with daily themes, e.g., Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day, Nonfiction Day, etc., which classes are welcome to join in with or not.
  • Book Week coincides with the voting period for the Red Dot Book Awards (ballots close on Wed, March 16th) — which I will be heavily promoting (watch for more info)….
  • Author visits are definitely possible.  See this list of local authors & illustrators, many of whom are inexpensive and/or free (e.g., how much do you think Ben Morley will charge us?)
  • Skype visits with authors are also possible.  I have already arranged with Frederick Lipp for him to do Skype visits with us that week (watch for more info).
  • eBooks / iPods / iPads — I will definitely be looking to incorporate digital texts as part of Book Week.

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