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Book Week: March 14-18, 2011

February 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Yes, the next-to-last week of term — March 14-18 – is Book Week.

I need a committee of teachers to help me generate ideas and activities for grades to use in planning their week.

If you’re interested, please drop me an email (  My goal will be to have a meeting within the week.

Here’s the page of ideas/activities from last year:  Book Week Ideas

For you new teachers, what you need to know is:

  • there is usually an overall theme to the week, e.g., last year’s was “Reading Opens Doors”.  See these photos of how classrooms decorated their doors last year.
  • There is usually a Book Character Dress-Up Day on the Friday — with a whole school assembly.  (Tampines could easily do it on a different day.)  See these photos from last year’s dress-up day.
  • Each grade comes up with their own activities – you can all do different things – NB: there is no budget available apart from your regular budgets.
  • In the past the library has worked with daily themes, e.g., Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day, Nonfiction Day, etc., which classes are welcome to join in with or not.
  • Book Week coincides with the voting period for the Red Dot Book Awards (ballots close on Wed, March 16th) — which I will be heavily promoting (watch for more info)….
  • Author visits are definitely possible.  See this list of local authors & illustrators, many of whom are inexpensive and/or free (e.g., how much do you think Ben Morley will charge us?)
  • Skype visits with authors are also possible.  I have already arranged with Frederick Lipp for him to do Skype visits with us that week (watch for more info).
  • eBooks / iPods / iPads — I will definitely be looking to incorporate digital texts as part of Book Week.

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Kids keeping up with the news… online…

February 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Want your students to explore news and non-fiction online?

For example, what do they know about Egypt, which has been in the news for the past week?

Try some online newspapers and magazines for kids.

We just subscribed to a new biweekly one called “Our Little Earth“.

Read the January 28th edition here.  The lead story is about people rising against governments in Tunisia and Egypt.

CCBC – the BBC newsite for kids – also has a lead story on protests in Egypt.

For background information, try Qwiki. It’s a kid-friendly visual wikipedia that reads the information aloud.

Click here to see the basic Qwiki entry on Egypt.

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