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Inquiry with Kath Murdoch – Nov. 8-10, 2010

Kath Murdoch returns one year later….

I’ve put various materials and links — all relating to Kath — on the Teacher Library portal.  See the Kath Murdoch page.   (There are still a couple of books of hers available in the library, and every grade level should have a copy of her Classroom Connections.)

The schedule for her visit has been posted on eastonline.info (see here).

Here are my (Google Docs) notes from her visit with us Nov. 9, 2009.  For those of you who were here, the notes should jog your memory.  For those of you who weren’t, it will give you some idea of what we did.

A few weeks after her visit, we did a walk around each other’s teaching spaces, looking for evidence of the kinds of learning Kath promotes.  Click here to see a few pictures I took that day.

p.s.  In preparation for Kath’s visit — and in thinking about inquiry in general, I recommend you read Kathy Short’s chapter “Inquiry as a Stance on Curriculum” in the book Taking the PYP Forward — which you can find online here on the Inquiry page on the Resourcing the PYP website.

(We do have a copy of  Taking the PYP Forward in the library, but it’s still being processed.  Will be available next week.)

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