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Hands on Literacy – Sat. Nov. 13

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A reminder that you have until November 1st to sign up for the one-day professional development day

Hands on Literacy in the 21st century classroom and library

Time/location:  Saturday, November 13, 2010 — 9:00 AM – 4:30PM at Tanglin Trust School

I’m on the committee organizing it (so I highly recommend it!) and am responsible for the above website.

In connection with the conference, over the holiday I created my first mobile website as well as a QR (Quick Response) code to allow people to easily pull up the mobile website using their iPhone or smartphone.

QR codes are my latest thrill.  Have you seen them?

(NB: first download a free QR Code reader app for your smartphone – here’s someone who recommends a few)

You then point your iPhone/iPod Touch camera at the code and it automatically loads the information – e.g., the URL into your browser.

QR (Quick Response) Codes are a way of providing easy access to extra information.

Read the Wikipedia entry on QR Codes

Kaywa is a popular QR code generator.

Here’s a Google Doc listing interesting ways of possibly using QR codes in the classroom

If you want me to demonstrate them, stop by my desk.



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Yes, we have lots of books relating to Halloween – plus plenty of ghost stories and generally scary stuff.

See this Resource List in library catalog:  Halloween

(If you don’t see your favorite book here, leave me a recommendation in a Comment.)

Plus this related video book – perfect for playing on the IWB:

*BookFlix is one of the two video book subscriptions we have – along with TumbleBooks – both available from the library catalog homepage.  If the sites don’t automatically log you in, you need to use the login/password information which you can find under Resources & Information on the Staff-East page on the school website.  Remember: both these sites can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have the login/password information.

Alternatively, you can play the game “Pumpkin Remover” (this week only) with the kids on your IWB.  (And if you’ve never played “Red Remover“, you’re in for a treat.  A compulsive game that makes you think….)

NB: Tampines staff

I’m sending these four picture books over with Ernie tomorrow, checked out to Kathryn, for you to share.

This is a totally comforting story of a girl who finds ghosts in her house, so she washes them in the washing machine and then makes them useful around the house.  Beautiful orange, black, and white images

A Halloween version of “The Big Turnip” — how can they pull up the big pumpkin to make pumpkin pie?

A cumulative story full of noises — be sure to read ahead of time so you can act out accordingly.

A Halloween version of “The House That Jack Built”


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Starting over…

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Starting over, this time on a WordPress blog.  Sorry, the Google Site announcement-style page just wasn’t cutting it, though I’ll still use the “Teacher Library Portal” Google Site to collect useful information.

Previous posts/info can still be found at Teach Buzz.

Give me some time to get this looking flash…….

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